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Position noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Sphere is a synonym for position in class topic. In some cases you can use "Sphere" instead a noun "Position".
Nearby Words: positive, positively, positioned, positioning, positing
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Sphere noun – A more or less round body or mass.
Position is a synonym for sphere in domain of influence topic. Sometimes you can use "Position" instead a noun "Sphere".
Nearby Words: spherical, sphered, spheric, spheral, spherically
Synonyms for Sphere

How words are described

perfect perfect position perfect sphere
powerful powerful position powerful sphere
actual actual position actual sphere
new new position new sphere
Other adjectives: political, odd, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Levitating Lotus Position In Warframe, Nyx's ultimate ability, Absorb, puts her in that position floating inside an energy sphere while absorbing enemy attacks until she reflects back all damage absorbed.
  • All enemies, regardless of their position on the battlefield, is encased in a sphere of pure magical energy, which explodes and damages all of them.
  • It’s also heavily implied that she’s disguising as the Seer of Imari, using her position to lead the shades in a holy war against Keran so she can expand her sphere of influence.
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