Powerful and Robust


Powerful adjective - Having great power or influence.
Usage example: a powerful producer in the music business who is considered responsible for the careers of several superstars

Robust is a synonym for powerful in strong topic. In some cases you can use "Robust" instead an adjective "Powerful", when it comes to topics like vigourous, manly. popular alternative


Robust adjective - Having active strength of body or mind.
Usage example: a robust older man who still bicycles 10 miles a day

Powerful is a synonym for robust in strong topic. You can use "Powerful" instead an adjective "Robust", if it concerns topics such as healthy, vigourous, manly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: robustness, robustly

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Dungeons & Dragons Most post-creation exclusives are gone, but multiclassing has been returned to 3rd edition standards and feats are completely optional, although they are much more powerful and robust.
  • You ALL Look Familiar Averted on a grand scale in White Knight Chronicles; the character creation interface is so ridiculously powerful and robust that the developers used it to create every one of the 700+ unique NPCs.
  • In fact, due to their magically robust genes, incest is a good way to create more powerful children.
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