Powerful and Sturdy


Powerful adjective - Having great power or influence.

Sturdy is a synonym for powerful in strong topic. In some cases you can use "Sturdy" instead an adjective "Powerful", when it comes to topics like robust, vigourous, tough. popular alternative


Sturdy adjective - Not showing weakness or uncertainty.
Usage example: you'll need a sturdy grasp of the concepts of algebra before you can take calculus

Powerful is a synonym for sturdy in solid topic. You can use "Powerful" instead an adjective "Sturdy", if it concerns topics such as robust, strong, vigourous, strapping. popular alternative

Nearby Word: sturdily

Both words in one sentence

  • Transforming Mecha It's also insanely powerful and sturdy for a transforming mech and is decked out with Beam Spam
  • He's not only extremely sturdy, but he's one of the most powerful mages in the game.
  • Beam Spam Similarly, the sturdy Starfury, with two powerful but slow-firing energy cannons, is superseded by the Thunderbolt, which sacrifices power in favor of just having a laser minigun strapped to the front of it.
    Source: Beam Spam
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