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Province noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: a legal question outside the doctor's province

Territory is a synonym for province in area topic. In some cases you can use "Territory" instead a noun "Province", when it comes to topics like region, section, realm, politics. popular alternative
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Territory noun – The place where a plant or animal is usually or naturally found.
Province is a synonym for territory in area topic. You can use "Province" instead a noun "Territory", if it concerns topics such as domain, section, realm, region. popular alternative
Nearby Words: territorial, territorially
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How words are described

friendly friendly province friendly territory
entire entire province entire territory
hostile hostile province hostile territory
new new province new territory
Other adjectives: former, last, different, surrounding, Indian, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • To Win Without Fighting: During one of the breakdowns in relations between Liu Bei and Sun Quan (specifically after Liu Bei took Yi province from Liu Zhang and successfully took Hanzhong from Cao Cao), Lu Meng was dispatched to seize part of Liu's territory in the province of Jing.
  • Territories differ from provinces in that the power of a territory is conferred by the federal government with an Act of Parliament in the name of the Sovereign like all other legislation, while the power of a province is granted directly from the Sovereign by the province’s constitution.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy The crisis was precipitated by the Chinese military conducting missile tests less than 40 miles from ROC-controlled territory as well as a mobilization of Chinese troops in Fujian province (the province closest to Taiwan) and several live-fire exercises.
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