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Field noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: the first woman to enter the field of medicine

Territory is a synonym for field in study topic. In some cases you can use "Territory" instead a noun "Field", when it comes to topics like area, section, region, speciality. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fielded, fielding, fielder
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Territory noun – The place where a plant or animal is usually or naturally found.
Field is a synonym for territory in domain topic. You can use "Field" instead a noun "Territory", if it concerns topics such as area, section, space, region. popular alternative
Nearby Words: territorial, territorially
Synonyms for Territory

How words are described

old old field old territory
full full field full territory
small small field small territory
actual actual field actual territory
Other adjectives: entire, large, huge, dangerous, new, given, vast, different, surrounding.

Both words in one sentence

  • Husky Russkie Didn't do him much good on the field, as he falls squarely into Unskilled, but Strong territory
    Source: Husky Russkie
  • Tabletop Game / Android Players take turns drawing cards with shapes on them, and producing those shapes on the playing field with the goal of enclosing as much territory for themselves as possible.
  • Film / The Ascent Interrupted Suicide: Sotnikov attempts to shoot himself when the Germans approach in the field, but then Rybak returns to drag his comrade into safe territory.
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