Quit and Resign


Quit verb - To give up (a job or office).
Usage example: he decided to quit his job at the fast-food restaurant

Resign is a synonym for quit in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Resign" instead a verb "Quit", when it comes to topics like give up, continue, stop doing something. popular alternative

Nearby Words: quitting, quitter, quits, quitted


Resign verb - To give up (as a position of authority) formally.
Usage example: following the election, the incumbent cabinet members resigned their positions so the president could feel free to pick a new administration

Quit is a synonym for resign in give up topic. You can use "Quit" instead a verb "Resign", if it concerns topics such as continue, give up responsibility. informal substitute

Nearby Words: resignation, resigning

Common collocations

life quit life resign life
job quit job resign job
position quit position resign position
company quit company resign company
Other words: career, show, case, time, way, office, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The Presidents of France He managed to survive the May 1968 revolt by calling a snap election where his party won a Landslide Election, but quit after an overwhelming defeat in a referendum about reforming the Senate and administrative divisions, because he had promised to resign if it failed.
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