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Give up

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Give up verb – To stop doing (something) permanently.
Usage example: I hope you won't give up playing the piano

Quit is a synonym for give up in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Quit" instead a verb "Give up", when it comes to topics like stop, stop doing an activity, stop doing, or power. popular alternative
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Quit verb – To stop doing (something) permanently.
Usage example: her doctor told her it was high time she quit smoking

Give up is a synonym for quit in abandon topic. You can use "Give up" instead a verb "Quit", if it concerns topics such as stop, give, leave, relinquish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: quitting, quitter, quits, quitted
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Both terms in one sentence

  • Heroic Spirit Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka would never run away, give up or quit, not even when the enemy was completely impervious to her weapons, out of her reach or was mind-raping her.
    Source: Heroic Spirit
  • Cool Old Guy His toy card specifically states how he's the oldest Autobot, the most likely to break down from outdated parts, but too stubborn and orny to give up and quit fighting.
    Source: Cool Old Guy
  • Ninja Prop His "ultimate attack" also takes advantage of the turn-based nature of the game's combat, as he simply refuses to end his turn in the hopes that the player will give up and quit.
    Source: Ninja Prop
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