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Reason noun – The ability to learn and understand or to deal with problems.
Usage example: you'll need to use all of your reason to get out of this tight spot

Wit is a synonym for reason in mind topic. In some cases you can use "Wit" instead a noun "Reason", when it comes to topics like intellect, sane, intelligence, mental analysis.
Nearby Words: reasonable, reasoning, reasoned, reasonably, reasonableness
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Wit noun – Exceptional discernment and judgment especially in practical matters.
Usage example: lacked the wit to see that the war was unwinnable

Reason is a synonym for wit in mental condition topic. You can use "Reason" instead a noun "Wit", if it concerns topics such as mind, intellect, sane, intelligence.
Nearby Words: witty, witling
Synonyms for Wit

How words are described

good good reason good wit
exact exact reason exact wit
usual usual reason usual wit
original original reason original wit
Other adjectives: obvious, actual, important, silly.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / BrainScratch Commentaries If you have any sense of reason, you will keep that ball away from the purple fuck that lives wit- FUCK YOU GOD, I disown you!
  • Film / 300 Badass Boast: There is a reason the term "laconic wit" was named for the Spartans.
    Source: Film / 300
  • World of Snark In the Director's Commentary for The Avengers, Joss notes that the reason Agent Coulson was made a Squeeing Captain America Fan Boy was to keep the film from being "a desert of wit".
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