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Sense noun – The ability to learn and understand or to deal with problems.
Usage example: although he has little formal education, he is a man of considerable practical sense

Wit is a synonym for sense in intelligence topic. In some cases you can use "Wit" instead a noun "Sense", when it comes to topics like ability, mental condition, mind, awareness. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sensible, senseless, sensation, sensuality, sensuous
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Wit noun – The ability to make intelligent decisions especially in everyday matters.
Usage example: he doesn't even have the wit to know when to come in out of the rain

Sense is a synonym for wit in intelligence topic. You can use "Sense" instead a noun "Wit", if it concerns topics such as ability, mental condition, mind, knowledge. popular alternative
Nearby Words: witty, witling
Synonyms for Wit

How words are described

keen keen sense keen wit
good good sense good wit
typical typical sense typical wit
usual usual sense usual wit
Other adjectives: certain, original, sarcastic, actual, dry, great, dark, wicked.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Jester The overlap in roles makes more sense when you realize that both require similar skillsets: Quick wit and the ability (and close relationship with their lord) necessary to speak truth to power.
    Source: The Jester
  • Film / X-Men Film Series Even when he starts the team, he still possesses a keen wit and sense of fun (which is not to say he is in any way flippant about his beliefs).
  • Rose is known to have a very dry wit and sense of humor.
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