Right and Truthful


Right adjective - Following an original exactly.

Truthful is a synonym for right. In some cases you can use "Truthful" instead an adjective "Right".


Truthful adjective - Being in the habit of telling the truth.

Right is a synonym for truthful in true topic. Sometimes you can use "Right" instead an adjective "Truthful".

Both words in one sentence

  • Giselle will remark that, while the Chantry is a tool of men and might have erred in speaking of it, that doesn't mean Corypheus is right and truthful.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read Anderson's novel Blindfold has the entire justice system on the human colony of Atlas based on a telepathic caste of people called Truthsayers and the premise that they're always right and truthful.
  • Comicbook / Fear Itself Not to mention the fact that, if the Serpent's Evil Twin claims are truthful, it might not be a case of having more power, just the right type.
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