Rigid and Tight


Rigid adjective - Stretched with little or no give.
Usage example: make sure that the clothesline is rigid so that the longer garments don't drag on the ground

Tight is a synonym for rigid in strict topic. In some cases you can use "Tight" instead an adjective "Rigid", when it comes to topics like taut.

Nearby Words: rigor, rigidity, rigidly


Tight adjective - Stretched with little or no give.
Usage example: the rope was pulled tight

Rigid is a synonym for tight in strict topic. You can use "Rigid" instead an adjective "Tight", if it concerns topics such as close, taut.

Nearby Words: tighten, tightness, tightly

Both words in one sentence

  • It is also diminished by the fact that the wizard society has a very tight and rigid social structure.
  • Western Animation / ReBoot No Flow in CGI: All the clothing is tight and the hair is generally short and/or rigid.
  • Western Animation / Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Art Evolution: While the design sense of the early Lantz shorts was more or less the same as it was in the Disney era, the animation went from tight, rigid and standardized animation into a very loose, sometimes downright surrealistic style of cartoon movement, thanks to Bill Nolan's direction.
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