Scene and Vista


Scene noun - The visual percept of a region.
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Synonyms for Scene

Vista is a synonym for scene in view topic. In some cases you can use "Vista" instead a noun "Scene", when it comes to topics like see, panorama. popular alternative

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Vista noun - All that can be seen from a certain point.
Usage example: a gorgeous vista of the mountains from the front window
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Synonyms for Vista

Scene is a synonym for vista in view topic. You can use "Scene" instead a noun "Vista", if it concerns topics such as see, panorama. popular alternative

How words are described

exact exact scene exact vista
specific specific scene specific vista
single single scene single vista
entire entire scene entire vista
Other adjectives: next.

Both words in one sentence

  • Franchise / Terminator A deleted scene in T2 would have revealed that SkyNet is paranoid enough that it also sees its own armies as a threat - it intentionally limits learning in the T-800 which the Connors would have re-enabled (explaining the picking up of "Hasta la vista, baby", among others).
  • Film / Terminator 2: Judgment Day Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The "Hasta la vista" scene, when the T-800 shoots a frozen-by-liquid-nitrogen T-1000.
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