Actually and Positively


Actually adverb - In actual fact.
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Positively and actually are semantically related in fact topic. In some cases you can use "Positively" instead an adverb "Actually", when it comes to topics like really, real.


Positively adverb - In an approving manner.

Actually and positively are semantically related in fact topic. You can use "Actually" instead an adverb "Positively", if it concerns topics such as really, real.

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Both words in one sentence

  • Weak-Willed But also interestingly inverted in Real Life, as hypnotizability is actually positively correlated with higher intelligence.
    Source: Weak-Willed
  • Film / Identity He actually manages to positively influence the more moral identities against the homicidal one.
  • Video Game / Bravely Default Its Flavor Text actually portrays it positively, as a tool voluntarily used for training purposes.
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