Agent and Emissary


Agent noun - A person who acts or does business for another.
Usage example: the sports agent negotiated a record-breaking contract for the baseball player
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Synonyms for Agent

Emissary is a synonym for agent in representative topic. In some cases you can use "Emissary" instead a noun "Agent", when it comes to topics like profession. popular alternative

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Emissary noun - A person sent on a mission to represent another.
Usage example: most of the industrialized nations of the world sent emissaries to the conference on global warming
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Synonyms for Emissary

Agent is a synonym for emissary in profession topic. You can use "Agent" instead a noun "Emissary", if it concerns topics such as deputy, envoy. popular alternative

How words are described

human human agent human emissary
full full agent full emissary
certain certain agent certain emissary
alien alien agent alien emissary
Other adjectives: actual, real, black, former, titular, foreign.
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