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Amusing adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Usage example: Grandma told an amusing story about Dad when he was little

Comical is a synonym for amusing in entertaining topic. In some cases you can use "Comical" instead an adjective "Amusing", when it comes to topics like facetious, humorous, witty, funny. popular alternative
Nearby Words: amusement, amuse, amusingly, amused, amusedly
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Comical adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: the comical antics of the circus clowns

Amusing is a synonym for comical in characteristic topic. You can use "Amusing" instead an adjective "Comical", if it concerns topics such as facetious, humorous, witty, funny. popular alternative
Nearby Words: comic, comicality, comically
Synonyms for Comical

Things that words describes

reaction amusing reaction comical reaction
manner amusing manner comical manner
note amusing note comical note
look amusing look comical look
Other nouns: scene, degree, effect, moment, way, fashion, example, story, villain, results, subversion, version, banter, variant, ways, stories, antics, misunderstandings, scenes, situations, reactions, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Torches and Pitchforks Otto von Chriek of The Truth cites this as the reason for his "comical vampire" act—if he's weird but amusing, they're less likely to kill him.
  • Adaptation., starring Nicolas Cage, starts as an amusing dramedy about a scriptwriter suffering from a writer's block, but slowly turns darker and darker, with elements of a thriller, until in the climax the protagonist's comical twin dies.
  • Creator / Edgar Allan Poe Both his serious stories and his more comical ones tend to be written in the same overall tone, with only certain details and The Reveal at the end determining whether the overall effect is either spine-chilling or morbidly amusing.
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