Animal and Brute


Animal noun - One of the lower animals as distinguished from human beings.
Usage example: we saw a lot of animals at the wildlife refuge—cranes, alligators, deer, a fox, even an armadillo

Brute is a synonym for animal in creature topic. In some cases you can use "Brute" instead the word "Animal" as a noun or an adjective or an adverb, when it comes to topics like beast, mammal, brutish, beastlike. popular alternative

Nearby Words: animate, animation, animalism


Brute adjective - Having or showing the nature and appetites of a lower animal.
Usage example: a man of brute instinct, he deals with conflict the only way he knows how—by physical force

Animal is a synonym for brute in beast topic. You can use "Animal" instead the word "Brute" as a noun or an adjective or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as savage, barbarian, brutish, animal-like. popular alternative

Nearby Words: brutal, brutish, brutally, Brutus

How words are described

regular regular animal regular brute
strong strong animal strong brute
large large animal large brute
huge huge animal huge brute
Other adjectives: dangerous, vicious, capable, new, dumb, mindless, giant.

Both words in one sentence

  • Beast Boy also fits this as a Class 4; while his jokes are groan-worthy, he's a general nice guy... who relies on brute force in the form of animal forms.
  • Comic Book / Brute Force It stars a team of animal cyborgs known as "Brute Force", later opposed by another team of cyborg animals known as "Heavy Metal".
  • When pure brute strength is the best option in a fight, he almost never chooses an outright gigantic animal.
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