Celebrated and Known


Celebrated adjective - Widely known and esteemed.
Usage example: a celebrated musician

Known is a synonym for celebrated in famous topic. In some cases you can use "Known" instead an adjective "Celebrated".


Known adjective - Apprehended with certainty.
Usage example: a known criminal

Celebrated is a synonym for known in famous topic. You can use "Celebrated" instead an adjective "Known", if it concerns topics such as recognized.

Nearby Words: know, knowing

Both words in one sentence

  • It’s mostly observed by farmers and natives of farming worlds, and isn’t widely known or celebrated by the rest of the Klingon Empire.
  • The third installment of The Godfather trilogy is nowhere near as well-known and celebrated as the first two, or even its rival 1990 Mafia film, Goodfellas.
  • Orson Welles' most well-known and celebrated film by far is Citizen Kane, but he believed that his greatest completed film was either Chimes at Midnight or The Trial.
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