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Consequence noun – The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: a mistake that was of no great consequence

Weight is a synonym for consequence in importance topic. In some cases you can use "Weight" instead a noun "Consequence", when it comes to topics like quality, emphasis, important. popular alternative
Nearby Words: consequential, consequent, consequently
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Weight noun – The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: a matter of little weight that is a preoccupation solely of the news media

Consequence is a synonym for weight in importance topic. You can use "Consequence" instead a noun "Weight", if it concerns topics such as quality, influence, emphasis, important. popular alternative
Nearby Words: weigh, weighty, weighted, weighting, weighed
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How words are described

specific specific consequence specific weight
legal legal consequence legal weight
small small consequence small weight
real real consequence real weight
Other adjectives: great, serious, little, lost, apparent, negative, further.

Both words in one sentence

  • He described it as not being able to pull the 'in a single bound he was free' card — if something incredibly unlikely or unexpected happens to resolve a situation, it must itself have enough weight and consequence within the story to justify it.
    Source: Asspull
  • Pose of Supplication As a consequence, after some blocked hits, the enemy is unable to even lift their weapons, and often go in Pose of Supplication due to said weapon's weight.
  • One episode involves Momoka gaining weight after eating too many sweets, and a later segment in the same episode has her stating that she feels fine eating whatever she wants without fear of consequence.
    Source: Aesop Amnesia
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