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Die verb – To come to an end.
Usage example: the storm died just as dawn was breaking over the horizon

Lapse is a synonym for die in increase topic. In some cases you can use "Lapse" instead a verb "Die", when it comes to topics like fade, dwindle, wither.
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Lapse verb – To come to an end.
Usage example: the contract will lapse at the end of the year unless we renew

Die is a synonym for lapse in activity topic. You can use "Die" instead a verb "Lapse", if it concerns topics such as end, increase, become void.
Nearby Words: lapsed, lapsing, lapsus
Synonyms for Lapse

Common collocations

time die time lapse time
bit die bit lapse bit
game die game lapse game
times die times lapse times

Both words in one sentence

  • Battle Royale isn't as frequently lemony as most of these entries, but tends to lapse into this when someone is about to die or has just died.
  • A person wholly drained of life energy, whether from Blood Magic or spellcasting beyond their capacity, will lapse into a coma and die.
    Source: Life Energy
  • Lestat, of Anne Rice's vampire novels, is an anti-hero who seeks to rationalize his feeding on humans for sustenance by only allowing those he considers "evil" to die, though his morality has been known to lapse at times.
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