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Diverge verb – To change one's course or direction.
Split is a synonym for diverge in separate topic. In some cases you can use "Split" instead a verb "Diverge", when it comes to topics like go in different directions.
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Split verb – To set or force apart.
Diverge is a synonym for split in fork topic. You can use "Diverge" instead a verb "Split", if it concerns topics such as break up.
Nearby Words: splice, splitting, splitter
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thanks diverge thanks split thanks

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  • Complicating matters is the fact that if two groups of believers in the same god diverge enough in their beliefs, the god will split into regional aspects.
  • The stories diverge from historical accounts after the Renaissance, suggesting that this is where this world's history split off from ours.
  • Many argue that each version of the game is different enough from each other version of the game in story and content to justify the split, and, indeed, the two do diverge quicker and more-completely than, say, the two routes in Sacred Stones.
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