Dodge and Evade


Dodge verb - To move suddenly aside or to and fro.
Usage example: dodging through the crowd on his way to the exit

Evade is a synonym for dodge in avoid topic. In some cases you can use "Evade" instead a verb "Dodge", when it comes to topics like elude, behaviour, seek, escape. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dodged, dodger, dodging


Evade verb - To get or keep away from (as a responsibility) through cleverness or trickery.
Usage example: people who use every loophole in the law to evade paying taxes

Dodge is a synonym for evade in avoid topic. You can use "Dodge" instead a verb "Evade", if it concerns topics such as elude, behaviour, seek, escape. popular alternative

Nearby Words: evasion, evading, evader

Common collocations

fire dodge fire evade fire
attack dodge attack evade attack
death dodge death evade death
time dodge time evade time
Other words: question, way, shot, damage, missile, bullet, enemy, times, attacks, consequences, bullets, shots, enemies, missiles, traps, patterns.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dance Battler Rin Ogata from the RideBack series, who uses her ballet training to make the Fuego mech dodge and evade swarms of combat automatons.
    Source: Dance Battler
  • Combat Parkour She enjoys making use of Combat Parkour mainly to dodge and evade attacks (and even lasers) in Resident Evil 3.
  • In older shooters this was used for any bullet-based weapon, on the assumption that bullets moved too fast to evade or dodge anyway, and also to balance them against more powerful projectile-based weapons, which were trickier to aim.
    Source: Hit Scan
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