Drama and Spectacle


Drama noun - The public performance of plays.
Usage example: he has been interested in drama from the first time he ever saw a play
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Synonyms for Drama

Spectacle is a synonym for drama in excitement topic. In some cases you can use "Spectacle" instead a noun "Drama", when it comes to topics like play, incident, turmoil in real life.


Spectacle noun - An elaborate, visually exciting show or event.
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Synonyms for Spectacle

Drama is a synonym for spectacle in exhibition topic. You can use "Drama" instead a noun "Spectacle".

Nearby Words: spectacular, spectator, spectacled

How words are described

emotional emotional drama emotional spectacle
popular popular drama popular spectacle
actual actual drama actual spectacle
real real drama real spectacle
Other adjectives: big, great, major, less, maximum, historical, over-the-top.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / Retsupurae Large Ham: slowbeef at choice times, such as when a video enrages or excites him enough, or when playing up spectacle or drama when it's otherwise not present.
  • Film / Interstellar Mood Whiplash: After the emotional drama of Cooper leaving his family, and the spectacle of the launch, a robot cracking jokes.
  • Disaster Movie Pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a story about an 8.0 earthquake in Tokyo, though with a surprising focus on human drama and emergency procedures rather than spectacle.
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