Example and Role model


Example noun - One of a group or collection that shows what the whole is like.
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Synonyms for Example

Role model and example are semantically related in simulation topic. In some cases you can use "Role model" instead a noun "Example".

Role model

Role model noun - Someone worthy of imitation.
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Synonyms for Role model

Example and role model are semantically related in simulation topic. You can use "Example" instead a noun phrase "Role model", if it concerns topics such as someone worth imitating.

Both terms in one sentence

  • Among the many people who studied him as a role model to follow militarily were Napoleon, who quite obviously is another example of this trope.
  • For example, in Power Rangers RPM, Summer is the stereotypical role model, while Gemma is a lot goofier and whackier (not to mention freakin' insane).
  • Ego: Avatar — The Avatar is the role model of all the Virtues, and seeks to apply them in practical example for problem-solving.
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