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Express verb – To communicate or convey (as an idea) to the mind.
Usage example: an upraised thumb is now universally recognized as a gesture expressing approval or encouragement

Indicate is a synonym for express in mean topic. In some cases you can use "Indicate" instead a verb "Express", when it comes to topics like exhibit, show, communicate, articulate.
Nearby Words: expression, expressive, expressed, expressly, expressing
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Indicate verb – To serve as a sign or symptom of.
Express is a synonym for indicate in signify topic. You can use "Express" instead a verb "Indicate", if it concerns topics such as exhibit, register, demonstrate.
Nearby Words: indication, indicator, indicative, indicating, indicatory
Synonyms for Indicate

Common collocations

love express love indicate love
desire express desire indicate desire
mood express mood indicate mood
attraction express attraction indicate attraction
Other nouns: power, kind, fear, way, shock, surprise, pain, side, displeasure, emotions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fantastic Arousal Tales from Jabba's Palace has Oola using hers to indicate Sarcasm Mode and express disbelief without anyone but Threepio knowing it.
  • Just Friends Clara attempts to indicate this with regards to her relationship with the Twelfth Doctor in "Mummy on the Orient Express", but the woman she mentions it to doesn't buy it.
    Source: Just Friends
  • In Murder on the Orient Express, Poirot notices that the victim's stab wounds indicate that he was stabbed by both a left-handed and a right-handed person.
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