Indeed and Undoubtedly


Indeed adverb - Without any question.
Usage example: I know that you can indeed do better than that
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Synonyms for Indeed

Undoubtedly is a synonym for indeed in really topic. In some cases you can use "Undoubtedly" instead an adverb "Indeed", when it comes to topics like actually, certainly, yes. popular alternative


Undoubtedly adverb - Without any question.
Usage example: we will undoubtedly have to do some editing of our home video
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Synonyms for Undoubtedly

Indeed is a synonym for undoubtedly in certainly topic. You can use "Indeed" instead an adverb "Undoubtedly", if it concerns topics such as decidedly. popular alternative

Nearby Word: undoubted

Both words in one sentence

  • Historical Villain Upgrade An ultra-revolutionary radical he undoubtedly was, and he was indeed, as the game narrator says, "even too extreme for Robespierre".
  • Characters / Friendship Is Magic: Redeemed For Rainbow Dash, since they are both blue mares that are admired by children, love to show off their talents, and often let their ego get the best of them, but while Rainbow Dash is indeed a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Trixie is undoubtedly a Jerkass.
  • The Genesis Device would undoubtedly still have been enormously useful as a planetbusting (or, indeed, nebula-busting) WMD, even if design flaws in the prototype made it useless for its original purpose of planetary terraforming.
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