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Individual noun – A human being.
Someone is a synonym for individual. In some cases you can use "Someone" instead a noun "Individual".
Nearby Words: individuality, individualize, individualistic, individually, individualism
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Someone noun – A human being.
Individual is a synonym for someone in person topic. You can use "Individual" instead a noun "Someone".
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  • A scene in which someone is in mortal danger, but the one person nearby who could help that individual doesn't care, or doesn't realize the extent of the danger.
  • Country Matters Said character is a Take That at someone whom Yerdian doesn't like, and her name is a deliberate combination of said individual's surname with "cunt."
  • The Doll Episode Individual dolls were being positioned to mimic someone hanging themselves or breaking their neck ... after which, of course, someone would hang themselves or break their neck.
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