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Information noun – A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: what's the latest information about the wildfires out in the West?

Message is a synonym for information in facts topic. In some cases you can use "Message" instead a noun "Information". popular alternative
Nearby Words: inform, informal, informed, informer, informative
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Message noun – A piece of conveyed information.
Information is a synonym for message in communication topic. You can use "Information" instead a noun "Message". popular alternative
Nearby Words: messaged, messaging
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How words are described

public public information public message
fake fake information fake message
true true information true message
actual actual information actual message
Other adjectives: real, wrong, little, bad, false, important, private, personal, secret, new, general, hidden, basic, different, written.

Both words in one sentence

  • His Name Is... To avert this trope, telegraphers quickly learned the art of putting the most important information of the message into the very first part of the message.
  • The message seems to be that it's easy to demand freedom of information when you're not responsible for its consequences.
  • Film / Interstellar We even get a scene that almost mirrors events of 2001, where CASE gets a message to relay to Cooper containing information that would hinder the mission; he's perfectly capable of editing the message to remove the ending, but instead he shows it to Cooper and company in full.
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