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Letter noun – A message on paper from one person or group to another.
Message is a synonym for letter in note topic. In some cases you can use "Message" instead a noun "Letter", when it comes to topics like language, missive, written communication, written message. popular alternative
Nearby Words: lettering, lettered, letterhead
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Message noun – A piece of conveyed information.
Usage example: answered the phone and took a message

Letter is a synonym for message in communication topic. You can use "Letter" instead a noun "Message", if it concerns topics such as thing, note, language, missive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: messaged, messaging
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How words are described

old old letter old message
special special letter special message
long long letter long message
short short letter short message
Other adjectives: original, fake, single, simple, insulting, actual, entire, real, big, wrong, threatening, important, personal, secret, urgent, new, final, mysterious, next, last, different, posthumous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Out-of-Character Alert: Why Lady Estora brings F'ryan's love letter back to Karigan and how the Karigan realizes it contains a coded message.
  • Film / The Grand Budapest Hotel Actually Justified, the message is being relayed by the staff of the best hotels in Europe, it is a given that they would execute any request to the letter.
  • A character gets a message from someone in the form of a letter, phone call, what have you, usually a loved one such as a spouse or a child.
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