Necessitate and Require


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Necessitate verb – To have as a requirement.
Usage example: getting new shoes would necessitate another trip to the mall

Require is a synonym for necessitate in need topic. In some cases you can use "Require" instead a verb "Necessitate", when it comes to topics like demand, call for, compel, get. popular alternative
Synonyms for Necessitate


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Require verb – To have as a requirement.
Usage example: the toy requires four batteries, which are not included

Necessitate is a synonym for require in need topic. You can use "Necessitate" instead a verb "Require", if it concerns topics such as demand, get, necessary. popular alternative
Synonyms for Require

Common collocations

power necessitate power require power
protection necessitate protection require protection
team necessitate team require team
death necessitate death require death
Other nouns: use, characters, items, surgery, player.

Both words in one sentence

  • Locked Door Some doors will only be unlocked by a specific colour and shape of key, some require a skill to "unlock", some require puzzles to be solved and others necessitate the slaughter of every living non-PC thing in the room.
    Source: Locked Door
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