Pageant and Spectacle


Pageant noun - A staged presentation often with music that consists of a procession of narrated or enacted scenes.
Usage example: we always put on a Christmas pageant every year
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Synonyms for Pageant

Spectacle is a synonym for pageant in display topic. In some cases you can use "Spectacle" instead a noun "Pageant", when it comes to topics like show. popular alternative

Nearby Word: pageantry


Spectacle noun - An elaborate, visually exciting show or event.
Usage example: the multimedia spectacles that have become established parts of the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games
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Synonyms for Spectacle

Pageant is a synonym for spectacle in display topic. You can use "Pageant" instead a noun "Spectacle", if it concerns topics such as exhibition, show. popular alternative

Nearby Words: spectacular, spectator, spectacled

How words are described

actual actual pageant actual spectacle
entire entire pageant entire spectacle
big big pageant big spectacle
little little pageant little spectacle
Other adjectives: beautiful, national, next, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The Crusades This crusade was supposedly enlivened by the spectacle of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the wife of the King of France, conducting with her ladies-in-waiting a sort of pageant of "women-warriors" (as well as being accused of carrying on an affaire with her uncle(!), Raymond of Antioch).
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