Exhibition and Spectacle


Exhibition noun - A public showing of objects of interest.
Usage example: an exhibition of valuable and fascinating artifacts from a recovered pirate ship
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Synonyms for Exhibition

Spectacle is a synonym for exhibition in show topic. In some cases you can use "Spectacle" instead a noun "Exhibition", when it comes to topics like event, showing.


Spectacle noun - An elaborate, visually exciting show or event.
Usage example: the multimedia spectacles that have become established parts of the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games
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Synonyms for Spectacle

Exhibition is a synonym for spectacle in event topic. You can use "Exhibition" instead a noun "Spectacle", if it concerns topics such as display, show, presentation.

Nearby Words: spectacular, spectator, spectacled

How words are described

public public exhibition public spectacle
complete complete exhibition complete spectacle
big big exhibition big spectacle
huge huge exhibition huge spectacle
Other adjectives: little, grand.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Porno The three sections overall are named Stag, Porno and Exhibition (ironically, as each character's true nature becomes apparent for all to see, and Sick Boy makes an utter spectacle out of himself).
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