Insignificant and Unimportant


Insignificant adjective - Lacking importance.
Usage example: an insignificant detail that we can safely ignore

Unimportant is a synonym for insignificant in insubstantial topic. In some cases you can use "Unimportant" instead an adjective "Insignificant", when it comes to topics like property, size, unpretentious, small. popular alternative


Unimportant adjective - Lacking importance.
Usage example: we figured that the details were unimportant as long as we got the basic design correct

Insignificant is a synonym for unimportant in insubstantial topic. You can use "Insignificant" instead an adjective "Unimportant", if it concerns topics such as property, value, size, unpretentious. popular alternative

Nearby Words: unimportance, unimportantly

Both words in one sentence

  • Not Named in Opening Credits Oh, and he dies in Episode 2, which means he's totally insignificant and unimportant, right?
  • Film / Rebel Without a Cause Insignificant Little Blue Planet: Jim's class goes takes a field trip to a planetarium, where they listen to a lecture about how small and unimportant Earth is in the grand scheme of things.In all the immensity of our universe and the galaxies beyond, the earth will not be missed.
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