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Press verb – To force one's way.
Usage example: we continued to press deeper and deeper into the tangled rain forest

Ram is a synonym for press in push topic. In some cases you can use "Ram" instead a verb "Press", when it comes to topics like press down, push on with force.
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Ram verb – To come into usually forceful contact with something.
Usage example: the truck suddenly swerved and rammed into the side of a building

Press is a synonym for ram in force topic. You can use "Press" instead a verb "Ram", if it concerns topics such as push.
Nearby Word: Rama
Synonyms for Ram

Common collocations

guy press guy ram guy
point press point ram point
way press way ram way
pole press pole ram pole
Other nouns: suit, button, times, doors.

Both words in one sentence

  • Car Fu Press the prompted button after a basic combo and watch your character rev-up and ram, tackle, even burn rubber on their bodies and fucking backflip.
    Source: Car Fu
  • Video Game / Sleeping Dogs Step on the gas and drive full speed towards a motorcyclist and press the "ram" button.
  • Western Animation / Mike, Lu & Og Use Your Head: When Lu tries to think of a plan to put her face on the island's new currency in "Money", she says to herself "Use your head", giving her the idea to ram her head into the printing press.
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