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Report noun – A relating of events usually in the order in which they happened.
Usage example: gave a full report of their trip to London

Version is a synonym for report in account topic. In some cases you can use "Version" instead a noun "Report", when it comes to topics like words.
Nearby Words: reported, reporter, reporting, reportage, reportedly
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Version noun – A presentation of an artistic work (as a piece of music) from a particular point of view.
Report is a synonym for version in thing topic. You can use "Report" instead a noun "Version", if it concerns topics such as account, words, account of a happening.
Nearby Word: verse
Synonyms for Version

How words are described

live live report live version
old old report old version
good good report good version
full full report full version
Other adjectives: special, short, standard, real, black, new, early, final, later, official, weird, latest, different, literal, uncensored.

Both words in one sentence

  • Smoking Is Cool Williams recorded an updated version in 1968, with references to the Surgeon General's report.
  • Self-Serving Memory Though since Otto isn't an official Time Squad member, Tuddrussel and Larry ignore his accurate retelling for a mixed version of both of theirs in their report.
  • Walt Disney Home Video / Walt Disney Diamond Editions While the Platinum Edition DVD and VHS included a version with a song from the Broadway version, "The Morning Report", added in, the Diamond Edition releases leaves the song out.
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