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Squad noun – A group of people working together on a task.
Usage example: the cleaning squad usually arrives after regular business hours

Team is a synonym for squad in group topic. In some cases you can use "Team" instead a noun "Squad", when it comes to topics like people, cluster, band, crew. popular alternative
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Team noun – A group of people working together on a task.
Usage example: asked the Boy Scouts to split into teams and begin pitching their tents

Squad is a synonym for team in group topic. You can use "Squad" instead a noun "Team", if it concerns topics such as people, cluster, band, crew. popular alternative
Nearby Words: teaming, teamwork, teammate, teamed
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How words are described

old old squad old team
good good squad good team
full full squad full team
special special squad special team
Other adjectives: elite, best, rival, current, original, single, small, entire, main, new, national, former, titular, different, local, previous, red.

Both words in one sentence

  • Where there are no cross-border issues, it becomes a question of which squad or team within the individual force gets lumbered with the responsibility — and then it gets ugly.
  • Any army/division/company/strike team/squad/ship/fleet/planet/solar system not the protagonist's own will either serve no role in the story or be destroyed.
  • Video Game / SWAT 4 Also, technically speaking, even your own team and squad count as an example of this trope, despite being an armed, paramilitary unit.
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