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Strictly speaking adverb – In actual fact.
That is and strictly speaking are semantically related in namely topic. In some cases you can use "That is" instead an adverb phrase "Strictly speaking", when it comes to topics like that is to say.
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Strictly speaking and that is are semantically related in namely topic. You can use "Strictly speaking" instead an adverb phrase "That is", if it concerns topics such as that is to say.
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  • Music / Pet Shop Boys Strictly speaking, all of their song titles are supposed to be capitalised according to proper sentence structure, Instead of Using Capitalization That Is De Rigeur of Song Title Naming.
  • Straight Gay Sports-playing high school math teacher Hank, who's been married and has a young son and daughter, is the Straight Gay, though strictly speaking "Hank swings both ways, but with a definite preference" — preference for his own sex, that is.
    Source: Straight Gay
  • Black Market In Mass Effect, your supply officer on the Normandy justifies making you pay for gear because he strictly speaking is only authorized to draw on supplies of Alliance standard issue gear (that is, what you are issued at the beginning of the game).
    Source: Black Market
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