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Absolutely adverb – Totally and definitely; without question.
Exactly is a synonym for absolutely in quite topic. In some cases you can use "Exactly" instead the word "Absolutely" as an adverb or a interjection, when it comes to topics like definitely, completely, totally, certainly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: absolute, absolution, absoluteness
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Exactly adverb – To a full extent or degree.
Usage example: she listened to the advice, then did exactly what she wanted to anyway

Absolutely is a synonym for exactly in exclamation topic. You can use "Absolutely" instead the word "Exactly" as an adverb or a interjection, if it concerns topics such as precisely, quite, completely, totally. popular alternative
Nearby Words: exact, exactness
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Both words in one sentence

  • Germans absolutely love the word "genau" (absolutely/exactly).
  • His debut had him absolutely destroying and humiliating the main characters in battle, and a chapter or two later it's made very clear exactly how dangerous he really is.
  • As it happens, Simon is absolutely right, but it isn't exactly the most believable of stories.
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