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Brain noun – The part of a person that feels, thinks, perceives, wills, and especially reasons.
Usage example: I'd love to get inside his brain and experience the world as he experiences it

Wit is a synonym for brain in intelligence topic. In some cases you can use "Wit" instead a noun "Brain", when it comes to topics like ability, mind. popular alternative
Nearby Words: brainstorm, brainy, brainless, brained, braining
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Wit noun – Exceptional discernment and judgment especially in practical matters.
Usage example: lacked the wit to see that the war was unwinnable

Brain is a synonym for wit in intelligence topic. You can use "Brain" instead a noun "Wit", if it concerns topics such as ability. popular alternative
Nearby Words: witty, witling
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good good brain good wit
original original brain original wit
actual actual brain actual wit
great great brain great wit

Both words in one sentence

  • Powered by a Forsaken Child To receive an endowment of wit (intelligence) is to literally convert someone else's brain into an extension of yours.
  • Western Animation / Inspector Gadget Brain can also be a rather cheerful and enthusiastic assistant when not suffering under Gadget's aforementioned incompetence, or a Nervous Wreck driven to wit's end by his abuse.
  • In the episode "Half-Wit" of House everyone thinks that House is dying of brain cancer, and it actually looks like he is for most of the episode.
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