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District noun – A region marked off for administrative or other purposes.
Territory is a synonym for district in region topic. In some cases you can use "Territory" instead a noun "District", when it comes to topics like area, place, section, expanse. popular alternative
Nearby Words: districted, districting
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Territory noun – A region marked off for administrative or other purposes.
District is a synonym for territory in area topic. You can use "District" instead a noun "Territory", if it concerns topics such as domain, region, place, expanse. popular alternative
Nearby Words: territorial, territorially
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How words are described

old old district old territory
full full district full territory
rival rival district rival territory
small small district small territory
Other adjectives: entire, large, huge, new, former, different, awesome, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Saints Row: The Third Once vanquished, each Gang Operation gives control on a small territory of the district.
  • Sixth Ranger They are not states (the former is the federal capital district and the latter is an unincorporated territory), but they are frequently included with the states in statistical reports released by the federal government, and DC is informally considered a state in all but name.
    Source: Sixth Ranger
  • Comic Book / DMZ New-Age Retro Hippie: The old Meat Packing district is now the territory of an entire several-thousand-strong nation of them, the 'Independent Artists Collective Protectorate'.
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